December 7, 2017 Project Update 

"On Tuesday, November 7th, our community demonstrated that education and our youth are priorities. I extend my gratitude to all the individuals who worked tirelessly on the bond education efforts and those who voted. Now we begin the exciting work of upgrading and renovating our schools. It is always great to be an Owosso Trojan and to be part of the greater Owosso community, but today, the pride in this community is overwhelming! Thank you Owosso for proving that our youth are your priority! A tremendous thanks to the large group of community and parent volunteers who collaborated to understand the needs of the district facilities, proposed a plan they felt the community could support and worked to educate the community about the proposal. Also, a huge thanks to the team of great people who represent Owosso Schools for all their efforts. Great things are happening in Owosso all around us and the passage of this bond is yet another component of Owosso’s renewal."

-Dr. Andrea Tuttle, Superintendent


·       Surveyors have started work this week to provide detailed topographical site surveys of the Owosso High School and our three elementary school sites. This baseline information is important to have prior to design work in order to understand where the best place to put additions, identify property lines, grading and drainage, and underground utilities.

·       Kingscott is preparing detailed design schedules and helping to organize design teams which will involve staff and community.

·       Kingscott will start organizing programming sessions/interviews with staff in early spring to assist in setting the guidelines for design.

·       Activity is currently limited now as funding for the project will not be available until bonds are sold in May 2018. The reason for the delay in the bond sale is to avoid having to pay for capitalized interest (saving money better used toward projects).  

·       The design and documentation process will occur between April and December 2018.

·       Bidding and construction will begin in 2019.


Proposed Bond Projects Timeline


Bond Proposal Summary Flyer

Bond Information Video

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